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Trust Services

"A service that once was used by a wealthy few has now become an important part of financial planning for most individuals and families. It's your wealth, make sure it is protected and managed--as you wish."

At Peoples State Bank, our Trust Department will actively manage wealth for individuals and families from small farmers to the owners of larger corporations. We work closely with your accountant, lawyer, insurance advisor, investment manager, and banker to make sound decisions while administering your trust or estate.


Do I need Trust Services?

If you have assets that exceed $250,000, you should at least investigate the potential benefits offered by trusts. You may be surprised to learn what all your assets (real estate, savings, stocks, bonds, life insurance, personal property, etc.) are worth once you add it up.

What are the benefits of having a trust?

When we properly prepare and fund your trust, it can help you accomplish several objectives such as:
  1. Provide for the needs of your spouse, children, and grandchildren in the event of death or incapacity;
  2. Distribute (or retain) personal property and assets to/for beneficiaries
  3. Help minimize estate and inheritance taxes; and
  4. Contribute to charities, churches, and other non-profit organizations

Why should I use Peoples Trust Department?

When you consider choosing an executor or trustee, you should consider the person's investment and accounting expertise, impartiality, and experience in managing the many tasks required of these duties. The Trustee or Co-Trustee named will also have to make unbiased decisions in carrying out your wishes that might cause hard feelings with your family and the beneficiaries. Are you blessed with family members that have such expertise and the time to devote to the trust?

When you appoint Peoples State Bank as your Trustee or Co-Trustee, you have peace of mind knowing that we have: the experience, expertise, and knowledge to handle the financial affairs you designate. We will make the tough decisions necessary to carry out your instructions, and administer your trust in an efficient and prudent manner.

What Trust services does Peoples State Bank offer?

Peoples State Bank may provide you essential services by acting as the Corporate Trustee, Co-Trustee, Executor, Guardian, or Agent of trusts.

Corporate Trustee Services

As a Trustee, we hold property on behalf of a beneficiary, which requires of us certain duties. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Communicating your wishes to the beneficiaries of your trust.
  • Identify, inventory, and collect the trust assets including real estate, investments, machinery/vehicles, and bank accounts.
  • Determine if there are assets to be probated.
  • Determine the amount of money required to pay remaining debts, taxes, and expenses.
  • Analyze and review investment and tax planning strategies.
  • Coordinate with accountants for the preparation of all required tax returns.
  • Arrange the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries.

Executor Services

When making a Will, one of the most important decisions a person makes is who to name as executor. An executor must be trustworthy and impartial in order to assure that all of your wishes are followed. As Executor, you can rely on us to carry out the provisions of your will and settle your estate in a timely and economical manner. We have only one person's interest in mind... yours!

Executor's duties include locating numerous documents (wills, deeds, trusts, and titles), taking inventory of assets and collecting personal property, collecting dividends, interest, and other income. The executor will also collect debts and pay debtors, perform accounting for all transactions, and distribute the estates assets as provided by in the will. With the complexity of today's tax and estate laws, a tremendous responsibility awaits anyone named as an executor. Family members may find these tasks overwhelming and lack the knowledge to do the job properly. Inquire about our Executor services today!


As Guardian, you can count on us to prudently manage the property of a minor or another person legally incapable of managing their own finances. We can also be named guardian for a customer’s minor child or disabled loved one.

How can Trust Services meet your needs? Read more!

  1. A married couple in their 70's accumulated a sizeable estate of stocks and real estate through years of hard work and wise investment. Now, about to retire, the couple does not want the worry or responsibility of investment matters. This couple could create a living trust to manage their investments and pay them a monthly income based upon their needs. Upon either individual’s death, the trust would continue in operation to provide for the surviving spouses needs.
  2. Mr. Farmer' estate was valued at $750,000, but he learned that if he left everything to his wife, the estate would face almost $60,000 in taxes when she passed away. By establishing several trusts for Mr. Farmer’s wife and children, he could eliminate the eventual tax burden entirely.

Contact Us:

If you think a trust arrangement could benefit you, contact us at (618) 783-2321 and ask to speak with Melisa Griffith. She will be happy to visit with you about how our services may benefit you and your family.