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Routing Number: 081206328

Cash Management

We offer several ways for your business to maintain better control over your company's cash. With Peoples Express+ Internet Banking, you can:
  • Consolidate your cash into your Peoples account if you have accounts with other institutions.
  • Collect your customers' payments electronically.
  • Manage your cash by knowing when and where it is going to or coming from.
  • Transfer funds to any bank account electronically.
You can use our cash management system whether you need to collect hundreds of payments electronically or just a few. Manage cash so you can take advantage of investing every dollar or paying off excess debt. To learn more about what our Cash Management system can do for your business, please give us a call at (618) 783-2321 and ask for Melisa.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Would you like to offer direct deposit to your employees? Sign your business up for Cash Managment and electronically deposit your employees' paychecks quickly and easily. You can use your payroll accounting software to upload a file into Internet Banking or set up a batch manually in Cash Management.