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Choose experience. Choose local.

As a small community bank in the 1990s, Peoples State Bank of Newton was on the cutting edge of technology in 1996 when we started offering internet access to our small rural community of Jasper County. We aggressively pushed the envelope for the time, by providing a service not directly related to banking. Something that started small has grown into a great asset for the bank and our community as a whole.

Over the last 25+ years, PeoplesNet has served more than 1,500 customers. PeoplesNet was the first inOld Desktop Computer with rotary phone and phone lines the area to offer dial-up internet access and email addresses. As technology developed over time, dial-up internet became obsolete. In the early 2000s, PeoplesNet moved to a wireless-based system to provide increased bandwidth for the developing needs of our customers.

In November of 2017, PeoplesNet finished a widespread overhaul of our wireless internet system, upgrading each location with state-of-the-art equipment. This means you can access internet speeds that provide the capability to surf the web, stream movies and game online without buffering or a lag in service. You no longer compete with neighbors for bandwidth!

There is no jumping through hoops or waiting on the phone with an out-of-area customer service department. PeoplesNet is the first line when it comes to technical support, answering calls locally and sending out experienced technicians who are familiar with our coverage areas to troubleshoot services. Even if problems arise after hours, simply leave a message in our voicemail box and our local technician will address problems as soon as possible. Customers are also welcome to stop by the PeoplesNet office, located at 100 West Washington Street, inside the main building of Peoples State Bank on the square in Newton, Ill.

Affordable Package Pricing

Black and white wireless internet towerAt a time when companies are attaching hidden fees and taxes; running old, outdated lines with breaks in service; and lacking in customer relations, PeoplesNet goes against the grain to set ourselves apart.

PeoplesNet does not add additional fees or taxes to your monthly bill; the monthly rate stated upfront is the monthly rate, plain and simple. In fact, our customers have not seen an increase in rates for more than 8 years. The only increases that we have implemented have been (1) bandwidth and (2) data has become unlimited, giving you more for your money!

PeoplesNet has a selection of packages geared towards residential areas and businesses that start as low as $39.95 month for 5MBPS. Packages can also be customized to fit your specific goals or needs; all you have to do is contact us for a quote!

Packages for All Needs

In January of 2019, a new program was created establishing NonProfit PeoplesNet. This program helps nonprofit organizations within Jasper County by providing the same great wireless internet option at a greatly reduced rate. As a community bank, we understand the goals associated with providing a service to others. To learn if your nonprofit organization is eligible for NonProfit PeoplesNet service with up to a 75% discount from standard packages, contact us today! PeoplesNet is here to help organizations that help the community!

As always, Business and Residential Packages are also available.

Residential Package Information

Residential Internet Package

Non-Profit Package Information

Wireless Internet Packages for NonProfit Organizations

Commercial Package Information

Commercial Internet Pacakge

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Call us at 618-783-2321 or email or to request specific information or learn if service is available in your area. You can also visit our Facebook page for the latest updates, tips and wireless internet information.


PeoplesNet’s current locations of service include areas located throughout Jasper County, including Lis, Newton, Ste. Marie, Willow Hill, Yale and Rose Hill.


At PeoplesNet, it is our mission to provide excellent local customer service, unmatched reliability, and uncapped data to the local rural market. We are the full-service internet solution you’ve been looking for with more than 25 years of industry experience. Choose experience. Choose local.

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