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Routing Number: 081206328

Shazam Bolt$

A new mobile app that lets you track your accounts! With Shazam Bolt$ you can automatically receive email alerts whenever a debit card purchase is made where you card is not present, such as telephone or internet orders. You’re also notified when potentially fraudulent activity occurs, including purchases for large amounts or transactions in foreign countries. You’ll know right away whether the purchases are valid… so you can call immediately and put a stop to any fraud! With the Shazam Bolt$ app you can access balance information on your smart phone, tablet or home computer.

Cardholders can access Shazam Bolt$ from a personal computer at using the following web browsers:
  • Windows® Internet Explorer®
  • Apple® Safari®
Note: While there is no fee to use Shazam Bolt$, you may want to contact your mobile device provider for any charges that may apply to data usage.