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Routing Number: 081206328

Get Life Back to Normal Faster!

The Peoples State Bank has a well-established partnership with our debit card processor, Shazam®, to alert customers of suspected fraudulent transactions on their debit card purchases. In the event that fraudulent transactions do occur, Shazam offers a dispute service that allows the primary cardholder to file a dispute and navigate the claim process with a Shazam Dispute Representative.

How Transaction Disputes Work:

  1. Notice unusual charges on your account.
    • Once you identify the charge, be sure that no one else in your home made the purchase.
    • Confirm that you haven’t made a purchase for something in the future, such as travel/vacation or holiday purchases.
    • Could this purchase be an annual subscription, membership or charitable donation?
  2. Call Shazam at 833-288-1126
    • Now that you have confirmed that this is a fraudulent transaction, call a Shazam Dispute Representative to begin an investigation. They may ask you to provide the following details:
      1. Be sure to have your debit card or card number ready when you call.
      2. If you have already contacted the merchant of the questionable transaction, the dispute representative will want to know the date you contacted them, the name of the person you spoke to and his/her response to your inquiry.
      3. Any information you may have on an order, from tracking numbers to invoices, contracts and service agreements.
      4. If the fraudulent transaction stems from a returned or canceled service, you may need to supply the date you returned items or canceled the service, or a confirmation number of the cancelation/return.
  3. Your Shazam Dispute Representative will investigate the claim and ask you to verify details of the dispute with supporting documents and signatures. To keep your dispute moving quickly, they will work via email whenever possible. You will be notified of a decision, typically within 5 to 10 days.