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Shazam and Peoples State Bank Offer Added Security

by Jennifer Hinterscher | Jul 25, 2023

As business becomes increasingly digital-based, Peoples State Bank and our partners implement new ways to keep our customers’ information safe. Visa Secure Cardholder Authentications are one way we can do that. Beginning Aug. 8, 2023, debit card transactions made at participating ecommerce merchants will trigger a One-Time Passcode (OTP) to complete the transaction.


As a customer, here’s what you should know:

  • Update your current mobile phone number
    • Does Peoples State Bank have the correct phone number to contact you? Shazam will send the OTP to the customer via text to the number we have on file. In order to complete the transaction, you will enter the passcode that you receive.
  • What is a “high risk” transaction?
    • Any transaction that does not require the card to be present can be considered high risk. Ecommerce transactions are those made over the phone, online or through email.
  • How does Visa Secure Authentication work?
    • The checkout screen will prompt the customer to enter an OTP. The cardholder will receive an OTP via text message from Shazam and will need to enter it in a checkout screen.
  • Blocked OTP Attempts
    • If a customer enters an invalid/incorrect OTP three consecutive times, the cardholder will be blocked at any Visa Secure Merchant. To be unblocked, Peoples State Bank has to call Shazam to reset the card.
    • NOTE: An OTP lockout does not block the entire card. If a cardholder is blocked from a purchase because their identity cannot be verified via OTP, they can still use their card other places, use another card or another of the banks' cards.