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The Orell Farley Foundation Grantees Named

by Jennifer Hinterscher | Sep 15, 2022
Grant award recipients holding checks


Newton (Sept. 14, 2022) –On September 01, 2022, The Orell Farley Foundation awarded grants to sixteen organizations from Jasper County, Illinois.  During the awards presentation, held at The Peoples State Bank located in Newton, Illinois, a total of $38,690.17 was given to the various organizations chosen to receive funding for their projects.  Grant recipients were as follows:

Grantee                                                                                    Award                   Purpose

  1. JCCU#1, Newton Elementary School/                      $707.60                 25 copies each of “Gingerbread Baby” &

    Ms. Dawn Meinhart, 5th Grade Reading/Language Arts                    “Gingerbread Friends” with consumables


  2. JCCU#1, Newton Elementary School/JCJH             $800                       Two sets of the novel “Loyalty"

    Ms. Debra Weiler, JCJH Social Studies


  3. Jasper County Boys & Girls Park, Inc.                     $1,000                   Funding toward purchase of LED Stadium lights

                                                                                                                                 for girls softball diamond

  4. JCCU#1, JCJH/Ms. Amy Harris, JCJH                           $600                       Books for classroom library

                    Language Arts                                                                                   


  5. JCCU#1, JCJH/Ms. Amy Harris, Reading                $600                       Books new and replacement for Reading Rocks

    Rocks Coordinator                                                                                        Program

  6. JCCU#1, R.E.A.D. Program/Ms. Ginger Robins      $2,000                   Purchase of shirts, stampers, and books for K-3rd                                                                                                                                   grade in the district and St. Thomas


  7. Limitless Fund                                                             $4,600                Purchase of Interactive Whiteboard w/WebCam                                                                                                                                                & three Apple iPads


  8. JCCU#1, NCHS –Newton Marching Eagles              $8,842.99             Purchase of Yamaha Contra Tuba


  9. JCCU#1, NCHS Choral & Theater Department       $5,460.43             Purchase of new theater sound equipment


  10. JCCU#1, Newton Elementary/                                    $996.35                 Purchase of books, maps and storage/

    Mrs. Steffanie Stark, 5th Grade Social Studies                                       organizational totes

  11.  JCCU#1, Newton Elementary/                                   $500                       Purchase of picture books                           

                    Ms. Diane Howard, 4th Grade


  12. St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School                  $7,868                   Purchase of 28 Chromebooks


  13. Embarras River Tourism Council                                 $900                       Purchase of plants for pots on the square

                    Flowers on the Square Project


  14. Sunrise Youth Soccer                                                      $982                       Purchase of lights for Farley Field


  15. Blessings in a Backpack                                                  $1,000                   Purchase of groceries & supplies for food bags


  16. Jasper County Farm Bureau Foundation,                $1,832.80             Purchase of computer for Ag in the Classroom

                Ag in the Classroom                                                                                        coordinator



The Orell Farley Foundation, initially funded in 2018, benefits qualified organizations in Jasper County, Illinois that sponsor projects and activities that enhance the public health, safety, recreation and education for the use and enjoyment of the general public within the county.  To be considered, an organization must be either a tax-supported governmental unit or entity, or must be a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) and must be located in Jasper County.  Thanks to Mrs. Farley’s generosity, the residents of Jasper County will greatly benefit.


Grant applications for the annual awards of The Orell Farley Foundation may be obtained from the Trust Department of The Peoples State Bank located at 100 West Washington Street in Newton, Illinois.  The deadline for submission of applications is July 31 each year.  An advisory board reviews the applications and determines the awards given each year.