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Tips to Take the (Financial) Stress Out of Travel

by Jennifer Hinterscher | Jun 23, 2022
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Vacations are meant to be a long-anticipated break from the hassles of daily life. However, under planning and overspending can lead to financial stressors. The following tips are designed to reduce travel-related anxiety and help you make the most out of your time away — whether journeying across state lines or overseas.


  1. Create a travel budget. A budget for everything from accommodations to meals and excursions can sound overwhelming. On the contrary, planning ahead will help you make well-informed financial decisions while away. It also ensures that your long-term savings goals are still on track when you return.

  2. Think mini getaway. A mega-trip is fun to dream about, but consider taking shorter – and more frequent – getaways instead. Taking shorter trips versus one faraway bonanza not only requires less planning (and is generally less expensive), but offers more opportunities to unwind throughout the year.

  3. Plan in advance. Research destinations, make reservations, prepare itineraries and create a budget. Creating a reasonable timeline and budget ensures that your affairs in orders (impending deadlines, medication needs, and baby-sitting, dog-sitting or house-sitting arrangements). Even if you plan a day to “do nothing” while you’re gone, it’s a great way to give your time away some guidance.

  4. Control what you can. Unexpected surprises like flight delays and lost or stolen items can quickly sour your vacation mindset. Travel insurance can help you recoup some of your expenses and soften the blow to help with smooth sailing. Some credit cards – especially those designed for travel – offer protections for delayed flights, lost luggage, trip cancellation, accident insurance and more.

  5. Accessing accounts abroad. When traveling outside the United States, make sure to inform your trusted community banker of your plans to avoid an account freeze or declines for “suspicious activity.” The Brella app is a free services for the Peoples State Bank debit card. Brella lets you monitor transactions by type or dollar amount, pause your card if you are not using it and even add travel notices when you leave home. It also features an ATM locator for those moments when you need cash on your trip. Mobile banking through our app also gives you real-time access to transaction history and account balances.


As always, remember that as your trusted community bank, Peoples State Bank is here to help. We hope you take these tips into consideration and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.



Blog article originally written and provided by Independent Community Bankers of America