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Safety Tips For Supplemental Heating

Information provided by the Jasper County Health Department 

If you plan to use space heaters to help heat your home this winter, do so with safety.  Supplemental heating equipment, such as electrical and kerosene heaters, is the leading cause of home fires.   Space heaters have one function-to provide supplemental heat.  Misusing space heaters can put you and your family at risk of fire or burn injuries.  To eliminate being knocked over or coming in contact with combustible materials, space heaters should be operated on the floor. Keep things that burn at least three (3) feet away from space heaters. Space heaters are designed to give off a lot of heat and can easily ignite anything near them.  Curtains and other similar objects may be blown into a heater is a window or door is opened.   Supervise children and pets at all times when space heaters are in use.  Even the slightest contact with a heating coil or element can cause a severe burn. Remind children that space heaters are very dangerous and not something they should be play with or near as they could easily fall into the heater. Select heating equipment with the UL mark and safety features.  Look for automatic shut-off features if the unit get knocked over or a fuel shut off if the flame goes out.  Look also for heating element guards.  Kerosene type units should only be used with the fuel recommended by the manufacture.  Using other fuel may cause an explosion or produce extremely high amounts of deadly carbon monoxide gas.  Never refuel the unit when it is hot or indoors.  Also remember no to fill to the top of the tank since the fuel could expand and overflow. Questions regarding this topic or other environmental issues, please call us at 783-5206.


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